Culture Appreciation Through a Creation

We live in a society where people have so many ways of thinking, acting, and communicating, with so many differences, people can impact their society and make the community so they have similarities between those people. All groups that have already seen and live in it we called “culture”.

Culture is the identity of those people who live in it, and believe it or not, society will give us value in which culture are you in. There are hundreds, thousands, or maybe millions of cultures out there that have been made in this world. Culture is not just about territory and names that are already registered in government like tribes. We’re talking about culture in so many things of life. Have you heard cultural music? Culture of art? Culture of what they believe? So many kinds of cultures that maybe we even never know existed.

All possibilities of long‑living culture in our society are about pride and inheritance. They know what they believe and they appreciate the action. The power of uniqueness from each culture makes them different, that’s what makes them become more robust and become more attached So they can live and be proud of it.

The pride can be seen in visuals, sound, art, and anything about creation. What we feel can be touched by the creation that they made. Culture can be known by people through creation, and that’s what we want to see from all creators. We want to see the beauty of culture that existed in this world and how to see it through this theme.